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[AWS] How to copy an AMI of EC2 instance to another region

1. Create an AMI from an Amazon EC2 Instance

First of all, create an AMI from the instance you wish to copy.

You can right-click on the instance you wish to use as the base for the AMI and select "Create Image" from the context menu, or check off the instance and create it from the "Actions" tab.

2. How to duplicate an AMI to another region

Select the AMI you created and from the "Actions" tab, click "Copy AMI".

Next, enter the AMI copy name and Destination Region.

As an example, the US West (Oregon) region is selected this time.

Let's move to the Oregon Region.

After a short while, the status will become available and you can use the AMI in a different region.

This blog post is translated from a blog post written by Yuki Teraoka on our Japanese website Beyond Co..


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