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Server Cost Reduction Service
Cloud Costcutter


Cut Your Cost,
Gain the Revenue.

Cloud server running costs can be divided into fixed costs and variable costs, just like office rent and utility costs. Both of these costs can be reduced through appropriate review and will be directly returned to the profit.

Various Ways to Cut the Cost.

We offer several ways to cut server costs.

- Review of Contract Plans

Based on our 15 years of experience in server operation, we are familiar with the pricing structures of various cloud servers such as AWS, GCP, Alibaba Cloud and so on. We can make them cheaper by reviewing your contract terms and contract plans.

- Review of Server Configuration

It is rare that server usage is the same today as when it was designed. Our specialists can therefore suggest reducing the number of servers or changing their specifications. In some cases, we can even propose server migration. In association with Beyond Japan, we are partners with 16 cloud vendors and can propose optimal server sizing and server configurations.


Case Study

Company A
E-book Services

of Cost Reduction
by Change of Plan (e.g. RI)

Reduced instance running costs by 40% by converting the instance subscription plan used to a prepaid, one-year subscription contract.

Company B
Social Gaming Services

of Cost Reduction
by Server Relocation

Assisted in surveying the current situation, resizing, redesigning, selecting a more cost-effective cloud platform and technical validation of the migration, with the aim of achieving significant cost savings. The migration was completed in six months and reduced overall running costs by 60%.

Company C
Membership E-commerce Website

of Cost Reduction
by Review of configuration and specifications

Reduced the overall running costs by 30% by reviewing the use of each resource comprising the service and optimizing the specifications and number of units through resizing.


We ONLY Charge When the Cost is Actually Reduced.

  • This service is completely contingency-based.

  • 50% of the monthly savings will be billed as a contingency fee monthly for a year.

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