Cloud / Server Migration

Full Support for Server & Data Migration

Server/data migration is a vital step for scaling up an existing legacy system. Migration will ensure that your data and services will be more available, flexible, and secured from modern-day vulnerabilities.

We migrate existing web services and databases from your on-premise servers to newer infrastructure or cloud service providers. Each system are different and migration requires careful workflow consideration on a different phase.

Our engineers ensure the new system each migration was successful by thoroughly testing the new system environment before redeployment.


Reasons for Migration

  • Maintenance work for the on-premises environment (physical server) is becoming a burden

  • Centralize the system and reduce physical asset costs

  • Migrate to cloud for BCP (Business Continuity Plan) in case of natural disasters

  • Support scaling and stability of servers to withstand high load services

  • Increase security from vulnerabilities of legacy systems

  • Migrate from current cloud provider to a different provider