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Cloud / Server Migration

Full Support for Server & Data Migration

Optimizing the running costs of the infrastructure on which the system operates is an unavoidable issue for the long-term operation of services and improvement of profitability.

Even systems that are running stably may need to consider a large-scale system migration due to various factors such as hardware aging, support expiration, OS and middleware EOL, and so on.

BeyondGTA has experience in migrating many systems and can provide faster and more reliable server migration services.

Migration Process

6 Steps to a Successful Migration

BeyondGTA has successfully completed more than 50 migration projects of various services and systems per year in Japan.

Server migration service provides not only the construction of infrastructure for the migration destination and data migration, but also listening to the issues and problems that the current system is facing, redesigning the optimal migration environment, supporting middleware and OS upgrades during migration, and migration to minimize downtime of the service.

We can assist with all needs related to server migration, such as examining and proposing methods of server migration, with precision and on a short schedule.



Analysis, investigation

  • Review the configuration of the current environment.

  • Identify issues and areas for improvement in the current environment.

  • Organize issues to be resolved during the transition.

  • Identify other important points to be considered during migration.



Sizing, destination configuration, and migration method study

  • Based on the results of interviews and surveys, sizing of the environment to be migrated and the configuration of the infrastructure to be migrated are discussed.

  • We consider and propose the optimal migration method based on the source/destination configuration and the nature and volume of data to be migrated.



Environment construction

  • build the minimum infrastructure environment required for verification and acceptance inspection in the destination environment.



Verification and acceptance inspection

  • Temporarily migrate data from the existing environment to the minimally configured environment and confirm that the service works properly.

  • Program modification (client), middleware and OS configuration adjustment (Beyond) if necessary.



Migration preparation

  • Prepare the destination environment for pre-sizing.

  • Migration schedule coordination.

  • Preparation of migration procedures.

  • Migration rehearsal if necessary.



Migration with the prepared procedures

  • Migration progress is shared with the client in real-time.

  • If the preparation is sufficient, there is almost no chance of failure at this stage, but in the unlikely event of a failure, we will perform a cutback.

  • BeyondGTA will take care of the server operation after the migration is completed.

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