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Cloud / Server Design and Deployment

Managed Service Provider That You Can Trust.

We understand that each company IT services has a different purpose and we ensure that our system designs are customized  to sustain the scale growth and performance requirements vital for their business. Our system architects sit down with clients and create carefully planned system designs based on factors such as cost, availability, and even security.


Our designed and deployed cloud/server systems ranged from small scale website to large, multi-scale clusters that provides constant connection to clients. Our blueprints takes high manageability and scalability into consideration to avoid costly and complex upscaling or upgradeability in the future.

We also provides technical advices and insights based on our experience which helps you plan for scalability, maintainability, and optimizes your running costs.

We Know the Best Cloud Solution For You

We are experts in designing, deploying and management of different mainstream Cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and more. Giving you the best Cloud solution for your requirements is the first step.

Cloud / Server Infrastructure is Our Specialty

With over 20 years of experience, our designed servers run many sophisticated and large-scale online games, e-commerce sites for digital products, and digital content web applications. Or it could only run one simple website!

We Think Many Steps Ahead

We do not simply provide you with a solution. Our designs and deployments take operability and maintainability in mind, making sure that your applications will have minimal to no downtime at all.

We Implement the Latest Technology

Technology evolves even while we are sleeping, we make sure that we are updated with the latest technology such as Ansible, Terraform, Kubernetes, and more, to give you the best solution that you require.

Leave the OS / Middleware Support To Us

Our experience with different Server OS such as Linux-based systems or Windows Server can guarantee that you will get high-class support not only for configuration, but also for tuning and optimizing.

Optimize Cost Management

We give proposals and suggestions to make sure that you are running on top performance without wasting unnecessary resources, which saves you from unnecessary costs. We even scale up, down, in or out your infrastructure to adjust with the demand

We are Connected, All the Time

Forget email-only support, you can reach us via chat through our partner chat channel so you can reach us whenever you need support. We are always ready.

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