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Each Client Has Different Needs

Each business and customer have different server needs such as how big is the scale, how much cloud performance, security requirements, and how much expected reliability is required.

Our pricing depends on various circumstances, however, our services include everything from server/cloud infrastructure, security applications, and service. Most of our customers consolidate the payment of service and cloud services through us or choose to manage their own cloud services by themselves and partner with us for technical aspects only.

Let us know your needs and we will connect with you. We can give you quotes based on your cloud design and operation requirements.

What Are The Prices Based On?

Prices vary between different project complexity, scale, and many other factors. Here is a brief breakdown of the costs:

  • Service Operational Costs

These are the operational costs that are subscribed monthly/annually to Beyond Co., Ltd. for the services provided.

  • Cloud/Server Capital/Running Costs

The running operational costs vary very differently between many factors such as which cloud providers or hardware procured. This cost can range from three figures to five or more depending on the requirement.

This cost can be the most flexible part of the whole system. For example, any unused cloud resources can be automatically scaled in/back, or "reduced" to minimal working conditions which help avoid wasted costs.
When necessary, however, we have the option to scale out/up to deal with additional load or traffic.

  • Additional Services Costs

These costs are incurred for extra services that you might need that are not part of the normal package, such as during normal operations, you would want to migrate from offline to the online file server.

  • Additional Infrastructure Components Costs

SSL Certificates, extra security measures, password management, etc. are costs that are not part of most basic service and server packages and must be separately purchased to use. 

Let us know what kind of solution you are looking for

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