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A Load Testing Service

All You Need is to Write Codes
and Wait for The Result.


Fukamill, load testing service for customers developing games, e-commerce sites, apps, etc., to check that the performance of their service meets the requirements of the service's intended use.

Providing Total Support for Any Service Environment or Configuration.

We support you with the complete set of tasks required for load testing, from hearing your questions such as "Is the cloud/server configuration suitable for the newly released service?” or "How much load/processing can the configuration withstand during high-volume access?"

The Load Testing Steps



・Interview and advise on what kind of test scenarios should be created. 
・Determine the target performance values for the test based on various indicators such as the expected number of requests, the number of users, and the average response time of the service.
・Discuss about the schedule and budget for the load test.

Scenario Creation


・We provide a minimum configuration of the load generation server environment to ensure that the scenarios work correctly.
・Create the scenarios on your own and verify that they work correctly. ・Tailored scenario creation is available at an additional cost.

Load Testing


・Prepare an environment that can apply a sufficient load to the environment to be tested.
・Long-run testing, such as constant load for an extended period of time, is also possible.

Repeats Step 3 to 5 until the target performance values are reached.



・Analyze and report performance bottlenecks based on test results.
・If the bottleneck is caused by the server infrastructure performance or environment,
we provide advice on how to improve it.
・Can also install an APM (Application Performance Monitoring) tool in the environ-
ment under test to analyze bottlenecks on the application side (at an additional cost).

Changes and Modifications


・Provide advice on how to review the infrastructure configuration and modify the program to resolve the discovered bottlenecks.
・Interim reports will be provided as needed.



・Create and review a report based on the final results of the load test.

・We can also provide server operation, maintenance, and monitoring when the service is released after the test.

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