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Cloud / Server Operation, Maintenance & Monitoring

24H/365D Operation, Maintenance, and Technical Support!

Even with more sophisticated automation, "unmonitored" systems pose a risk during irregular issues. Servers that are critical to business operation demand high constant monitoring. 

Each server will have well-tailored alerts and notifications based on different parameters and our team of specialists in Canada and Japan actively respond and resolve each server's incidences. We maintain our guarantee to resolve 99% of server issues.

We have dedicated engineers only for operating provide nonstop aggressive monitoring to guarantee that 99% of server incidences are can arise during crucial moments such as peak traffic, high processes. The 1% are client data which are left untouched.

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24H/365 Days of Persistent Monitoring

Our live monitoring tools receive notifications based on our tailored notification parameters such as CPU load averages or Disk I/O. Compared to default parameters, we tweak the sensitivity to make sure that we can respond to a potentially damaging incidence even before it happens

Quick Response

In case of a rare server downtime, our quick response team work diligently to get the server back up as soon as possible to minimize down time.

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We are your Technical Support

We do not only monitor, and fix your server infrastructure. We give you advice and insights for incidence prevention and maintainability. We even give you suggestions on how to save costs based on data analytics.

Unlimited Chat Support

We will have you connect to our chat system to make sure that you directly in contact with our technical specialist. If you have any questions or server-related issues, we will always ready to support you. All chat history is securely recorded so everyone is aligned.

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Included Services

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  • 24h/365d human-monitoring

  • Incidence quick response (notifications/cause investigation)

  • Incidence report (mail or call)

  • Server restarts

  • Server configurations add/modify

  • Server specification scaling. 

  • Access user list (Intrusive access lock)

  • User configurations add/modify

  • Help desk (email / call)

  • Incidence detailed investigation (analysis/restoration/prevention)

  • OS / middleware vulnerability updates

  • Middleware parameter tuning

  • OS / middleware technical support/advisor

  • Cloud system technical support/advisor

  • Server operation / monitoring customization

  • Chat support (Slack, Chatwork, etc.)

  • Unlimited support

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