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A Password & Secrets Manager


The Award-winning Password Manager Will Always Keep Your Password Safe.


Keeper, the trusted and proven cybersecurity service unifies critical components of Identity and Access Management and enables zero-trust transformation with an easy-to-use platform.


Ultimate Security, Visibility and Control

Passwords are stored in layers of encryption.

Zero-trust, zero-knowledge architecture protects access to applications, systems, secrets and IT resources. Basic two-factor authentication is always enabled.

Keeper simplifies and enhances auditing and compliance while providing organization-wide visibility, control, event logging and reporting.

Features Between Plans

Keeper Business
Keeper Enterprise
Folders and subfolders
Encrypted bolts dedicated to each user
Sshared team folder
Access from unlimited devices
Policy engines and enforcement
Security audit
Team management
Basic two-step verification
Single sign-on authentication (SAML 2.0)
Automatic team management
Advanced two-stage authentication (DUO and RSA)
Active Directory and LDAP synchronisation
SCIM and Azure AD provisioning
Automatic provisioning by email address
Command line provisioning
Developer API for password cycle and back-end integration

Additional Features for Organizations


Integrate Keeper with CI/CD systems and login details to servers.

  • Can be linked to PowerShell, Kubernetes, Azure Dev Ops, Jenkins, Github Actions, Docker Image and more.

  • No need to store authentication information on personal devices or in source code.

  • Rotation of access keys, passwords and certificates can also be automated.

  • Linkage to the CLI tool enables the user to retrieve authentication information from the record and connect to the server.


Instant access to infrastructure with Zero Trust security.

  • A browser-based remote access tool

  • Supports SSH, RDP as well as Kubernetes, MySQL and other protocols.

  • Can be linked to Keeper Secret Manager to pass authentication information to Connection Manager.

  • Session logs can be stored and sessions can be shared by multiple users.


Compatible with Multiple Devices

Keeper can be accessed from all major Windows and Mac browsers, as well as from dedicated desktop apps, iPhone, iPad and Android apps.


When accessing the Vault from the app, all information is encrypted and stored on the device using 256-bit AES.


Flexible Sharing Between Accounts

Shared folders can be used to safely share confidential information with multiple users. You can also allow users to only access and use passwords but not to view actual information.

Furthermore, Keeper provides time-limited permissions for temporary access and one-time shared access for users within your organization, but also with external keeper users and even non-keeper users.


Powerful Management

Keeper's powerful policy engine allows you to control detailed permissions for each user, team and role, as well as regulations on password generation and the type of device for multi-factor authentication.

Information creation, editing and deletion rights of users and records for each user are fully controllable for administrators.


Records can also be transferred to other users when accounts are deleted.

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