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Security: What is UpdraftPlus, the backup plugin for WebSpeed?

Greetings from the WebSpeed support desk.

WebSpeed is a cloud/server dedicated to WordPress websites, and it comes with the standard implementation of UpdraftPlus, a backup plugin that periodically backs up the data and files of the website's database.

UpdraftPlus is a widely-used backup plugin for WordPress websites, designed to regularly capture website data and database files. It is one of the most popular backup plugins in the world for WordPress.

Features of UpdraftPlus:

  • Rated as the highest-rated backup and restore plugin on, and ranked in the top 30 in popularity among over 50,000 WordPress plugins.

  • Compatible with multi-site (i.e. WPMU/WordPress Network).

  • Backs up sites up to 100GB, with file size limited only by the web host.

  • Backs up unlimited non-WordPress files and external databases.

  • Incremental backups that can be set on a selected time unit schedule.

Backup Schedule Feature of UpdraftPlus:

  • Backup schedule with manual or automatic options (every 4/8/12 hours, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)

  • Backup files and database separately with different schedules

  • Notify the next scheduled backup time

  • Periodically reduce the number of old backups to be retained

  • Automatically backup when the plugin dashboard theme is updated or before performing a WordPress core update.



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