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Middleware: Comparison of Nginx and Apache functionalities.

Hello, this is the WebSpeed Support Desk.

WebSpeed's web server software adopts the middleware "Nginx (Engine X)", which is implemented as a standard component.

Features of Nginx

Nginx, a web server software, is known for its superior concurrent performance compared to the mainstream Apache HTTP Server. It is capable of delivering static contents such as HTML documents and image files at high speed with minimal memory consumption.

In terms of process handling within the web server, Nginx excels in multitasking by focusing on the web server's functions, while Apache is a single-task processor that is good at handling heavy process tasks that affect the CPU, such as PHP. These are the respective strengths of each software.

Comparison of Features between Nginx and Apache

Nginx is a single-threaded process that can handle a large number of requests in parallel processing structure, allowing it to quickly process even a large number of simultaneous connection processes.

With the reverse proxy functionality provided by Nginx, dynamic content can be delivered by the web application server placed behind it, and it can also be used as a load balancer and HTTP cache.


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