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List of commonly used Apache directives

This article describes the basic configuration items for Apache.

Apache configuration files

Apache configuration files have different file names and installation locations depending on the operating system.





Installation location


The configuration files can likely be found in each of the directories above. If not, you can find it by using the find command.

Apache Directives

Directives are used to give instructions, specifications, etc. to a program.

Settings can be added or edited by writing special instructions in the file.

When building a server, directives to be modified include

Directive name

Configuration details


Number of seconds from receipt of a request to completion of processing


Enable/disable multiple request processing for a single TCP connection


​Maximum number of requests per TCP connection when KeepAlive is enabled


Maximum latency for a single TCP connection when KeepAlive is enabled


Configure available functions for directories

Directives regarding processes launched by other Apache processes are listed below.

​Directive name

​Configuration details


Number of child processes spawned at startup


Minimum number of child processes to wait


Maximum number of child processes to wait


Upper limits number of child processes to be created


​Number of requests that the child process can handle

The settings for child processes should be checked when the server load is high.

The load can also be reduced by changing the value by considering Web access conditions and server processing performance.

This blog post is translated from a blog post written on our Japanese website


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