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Email Delivery: About Email Sending Functionality in WebSpeed

Hello, this is the WebSpeed support desk.

If you want to send or deliver emails using WebSpeed, you can use the email sending and delivery function by adding the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Email Delivery service as an option. Please note that the WebSpeed infrastructure is based on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Email Delivery

Email Delivery is a managed service for delivering bulk emails with high delivery rates to

the recipient's inbox.

Email Delivery, integrated as part of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) infrastructure, is designed for organizations with large-scale sending needs to overcome delivery rate challenges to the inbox. By using Email Delivery, which has reliability, scalability, and convenience, organizations can deliver messages as intended to the target users who receive the emails.

Email Delivery's Mail Delivery Reliability

Email Delivery's platform is managed by the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure email delivery reachability team. The team monitors key delivery reachability metrics and strives to maintain the highest possible sending reputation. When using Email Delivery to send emails, the team manages the following items on behalf of customers:

● SMTP configurations specific to mailbox providers

● Collection of email bounces

● Collection of user claims

● Email authentication standards (SPF, etc.)

● IP pool management


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