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Cost Reduction Effectiveness with WebSpeed

Hello, this is the WebSpeed support desk.

Today, we would like to explain how using WebSpeed can lead to cost savings.

The comparison of costs during website/system production and development

Typically, when creating and developing a website/system such as a media site, e-commerce site, or reservation system using WordPress, customers themselves must separately prepare and construct the infrastructure of the cloud/server, as well as perform security updates.

However, in this case, in addition to the labor cost and working resources required for developing and creating the web system or site, there are also several other expenses that need to be taken into account, such as monthly server usage fees, and fees for outsourcing server operation and maintenance to external service providers.

By using WebSpeed, customers and businesses can significantly reduce costs compared to outsourcing the development and maintenance of their web sites/systems. In addition to reducing the labor and development costs associated with creating and launching a web site or system, WebSpeed can also help reduce ongoing server usage fees and maintenance costs associated with keeping the site or system up and running. This makes it a cost-effective option for managing the "running costs" of a website or system after it has been released.


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