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An overview of Kubernetes (K8s) as an OSS.

Hello, this is the Web Speed support desk.

In our infrastructure, we use a container engine called "Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Kubernetes Engine," but first, let us explain what this "Kubernetes" is all about.

Overview of Kubernetes

Kubernetes (abbreviated as K8s) is an open-source container orchestration technology that provides infrastructure for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of applications. It integrates various functions such as scheduling, load balancing, and health monitoring of Docker containers in a unified manner.

Originally designed and developed by Google, Kubernetes is now managed and developed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

This mechanism allows for the integrated management of scheduling, load balancing, and health monitoring of multiple Docker containers running on a host OS, enabling scalable and flexible system operations.

Moreover, with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Kubernetes Engine, a managed service, it is possible to run Kubernetes on Oracle Cloud without installing, operating, or maintaining a proprietary Kubernetes control plane and node.

Reasons for WebSpeed's adoption of Kubernetes

Scalability of service infrastructure

By sharing the kernel of the host OS without a guest OS, it can execute startup, build, and deployment quickly with minimal overhead. Additionally, necessary resources can be rapidly deployed as needed, reducing the cost of labor compared to building a new server environment for each service application.

Automation of service construction

By microservice-izing service applications, it achieves portability across the boundaries of infrastructure and application. By automating system configuration management, it can perform faster service development and execution, improve application-specific workflows, and enjoy an expandable system.

Efficiency of service operation

In traditional hypervisor environments, it is necessary to apply log and data management and monitoring functions to each server environment and guest OS. In the Kubernetes container environment, deployment and expansion of applications can also be streamlined, enhancing the efficiency of service application operations.


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