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About Collision Conference

Updated: Jul 23, 2022


Hello everyone, this is Jon from Beyond GTA, and today I am going to share my experience after participating Collision Conference here in Toronto.

What is Collision?

Collision is one of the biggest tech conferences that is held every year if it was not for Covid for the past couple of years. Collision will be held by Web Summit which is the organizer of the other 3 large global technology events such as Web Summit in Lisbon, Web Summit in Rio de Janeiro, and Rise in Asia.

North America-based event Collision has been conducted from June 19~22 in Toronto this year and it became our debut as it has turned out to be a fruitful event for us.

If you want to know more about this event please visit their website below as it will occur next year as well.

To get from Collision

As this event hosts over 35000 attendees, 1200 journalists, 793 investors, 250 partners, and 1557 startups nearly from 130 countries, you will make a broad range of connections. Not to mention meeting your favourite NBA star and Hollywood stars during the event. The event was full of masterclasses, startup exhibitions, panda conferences, public sector booths, and guest speakers who are successful in the tech field.

As you walk through a hall, you will encounter people of different sizes, colours, backgrounds and experiences.

Thanks to startup corners which gave a lot of inspiration that technology is truly key to change the world to its best. I believe the coming 5-6 years will be a stepping stone to seeing more and more tech solutions which are backboned with web3.0 concepts.

To make your connections stronger with the people of your expectations, you can also participate in after-hour parties which are carefully chosen and held in beautiful parts of the city.


As I interact with different people, I got to learn a lot of new ideas and make new connections which are very worth spending 3 full days at the venue. Personally, I really liked the event except for the hot weather outside which made me forget after taking a photo with Batman. If I have not met you this year at Collision, we will meet up next year hopefully!


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