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Knowing Cloudflare China Network


If a company with a global presence conducts business in China dealing with web services/content, the performance of the web applications it targets, such as display speed and stability, may be degraded due to the complexity of the country's unique network, cyber-attacks and other threatening conditions.

Websites and applications are faster and more secure by Cloudflare's large network and JD Cloud (京东云) in China. The network spans many Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in China, providing high-speed content delivery to users across the country.


Integrated performance and security services

The Cloudflare and JDCloud networks are already operational and there are plans to expand to 150 locations by the end of 2023. Performance and security services operating on the network include below:

Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

It serves static content from data centres distributed across China and connected to three major ISPs in China. Ity also uses an option to resolve DNS requests within China to further reduce response times.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

All data centres in the network can mitigate DDoS attacks, OWASP TOP10 and other attacks. This is done using threat intelligence and user-created custom rules. Attacks are mitigated closer to the source, reducing response and latency times.​


Protect your data in transit using a variety of TLS / SSL options. You can choose to upload your own custom SSL certificate or manage it with a Cloudflare certificate.

Serverless Computing

Cloudflare's serverless service enables instant deployment of serverless code across the entire Cloudflare network including China, for performance, reliability and scalability.



It overcomes the common challenges associated with operating web applications in China and provides suitable internet access for users.

Reducing network latency

Traffic in and out of China can create bottlenecks and take time to bounce between local ISPs if peering is inadequate, but serving cached content from the Cloudflare China Network can significantly reduce end-user loading times.

Thwarting a wide range of attacks

As in many regions, web applications in China face ongoing DDoS threats/attackers, who quickly target new vulnerabilities.

Security built into the Cloudflare China Network stops these attacks and blocks them within China to avoid global impact.

Improving data privacy

TLS / SSL protects data in transit. Cloudflare customer information such as email addresses, password hashes and billing information is not stored or shared with the Cloudflare China Network.

Increasing agility in system development

​Serverless code is used to easily create custom rules and run and launch subtle A / B tests. All of these have the feature that the code scales easily and executes within milliseconds from the end user.

*Cloudflare China Network is available for Enterprise plans only.

*Cloudflare China Network requires an ICP licence.

This blog post is translated from a blog post written by Yuya Ohara on our Japanese website Beyond Co..

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