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Knowing Alibaba Cloud WAF Features

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Today's article is about the features and functions of "Alibaba Cloud WAF", a WAF service provided by Alibaba Cloud.


A History of Alibaba Cloud Security

Alibaba Cloud has been focusing on developing security products to protect its services from various external cyberattacks.

Alibaba Cloud WAF (Web Application Firewall), one of their security products, is a service for web attack protection developed based on more than 10 years of security experience by Alibaba Cloud and is an evolutionary service with advanced protection mechanisms that utilize big data capabilities.


Service Overview of Alibaba Cloud WAF

Alibaba Cloud WAF can be installed not only on Alibaba Cloud, but also on systems running on-premises, on VPS, or on cloud servers of other companies by simply switching the DNS, so it can be installed in any infrastructure environment.

■Web Application Protection

  • Zero-day attack protection

Being able to quickly respond to risks by dynamically updating the protection rules within 24 hours.

  • Web Site Hiding

Hiding and protecting websites from intruders by using DNS to divert traffic.

  • OWASP Attack Protection

Accurately determining and protecting against known attacks such as SQL injection by providing various protection policies and quarantine functions.

■Website Access Control

  • HTTPS functionality Addition

Being able to add HTTPS functionality to your website by simply uploading a private key file.

  • Access Control

Determining and blocking information gathering activities necessary for intrusions of your website by using multi-layered protection.

■Highly accurate traffic analysis

  • Accurate malicious access detection

The system accurately identifies malicious accesses, such as bots, and evaluates when they are blocked.

  • Custom policies

Custom policies can be set up and modified as needed.


Alibaba Cloud WAF Features (By Each Edition)

Alibaba Cloud WAF offers four different editions to choose from based on processing power, protection functions, and cases.

For example, you can start small with the Professional edition and change editions as your web access grows. Alibaba Cloud WAF allows you to scale up flexibly according to your needs and circumstances.


Since Alibaba Cloud WAF is SaaS-based, it can be used in on-premise cloud infrastructure environments other than Alibaba Cloud. It seems to be very versatile as it is multi-cloud compatible with any platform.

*This information is current as of September 2021.

This blog post is translated from a blog post written by Yuya Ohara on our Japanese website Beyond Co..

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